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There was a time in the late 90s when I was almost fatally ill with heavy metals poisoning. I was living in Mew Mexico, lonely, broke and depressed. Out of the blue, my dear friend Cynthia, who lived on Long Island, called and asked if I'd like to come stay with her as I recovered.

Would a dying man refuse water? Of course I went! I drove all the way across, loaded with art supplies, my feeble collection of clothes, and my sweet dog.

I was there for about a year. Cynthia nursed me back to health, helped me find a school nearby where I could take computer software classes (photoshop, illustraotr, InDesign, etc.) so I could do work that was less tiring than carving, which as (and is) my main passion.

These pastels reflect how I felt during that time in staying with Cynthia in her nest-like home.

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